READY TO SHIP AUCTION | Double Sided Measuring Spoon, Fancy Walnut

This listing is an auction for one ready-to-ship Double Sided Measuring Spoon made from Fancy Walnut wood (Approx. 10" long). You will receive the exact item pictured here.

Starting bid: $97 (Reg price $139)

Please allow up to 1 week to ship.


Please bid in the comments. When you comment/bid, please use the email address that you wish me to send your invoice to should you win. Bids must be in even dollar increments. Please raise the bid at least $3 over the last bid (after initial starting bid). Please do not delete bids once placed. The last bid before the clock hits 9pm EST wins. You will not receive notifications when you are outbid, so watch your item(s) carefully, especially at the last minute!

This item ends at 9pm EST tonight and all invoices must be paid by midnight tonight 4/29/22. All auction orders will have an $8 flat rate shipping charge in the USA, no matter how many items you win. International orders will be accompanied by a higher shipping charge, but are welcomed! If you have an international mailing address, it is your responsibility to let us know before we send your invoice so we can add appropriate shipping charges. All duties and taxes are your responsibility if your country charges them. Please keep it fair for everyone and only bid on items you intend to pay for should you win. *Gift certificates may not be used on auction items. Other discounts and offers may not be applied to auction items.* Feel free to comment with any questions! I am always on hand to help :) Have fun! xx, Loran


  • Loran {MODERATOR}

    I apologize again, Michael. I sent you an email. Thank you for the feedback.

  • Michael Craft

    Loran, this is not Sotheby’s. It’s an auction promoted through text and IG. Most of the items have only one bid on them and those were put in at the very last minute. Based on that it honestly seems extremely reasonable to manage one person in an entire day of an auction who would like to cancel their bid in order to bid on another item. I found your website weeks ago and have been eyeing several items to invest in, and that’s what your items are, an investment. I’m also a maker and understand the value and care that goes into creating things by hand and I know running a small business is hard and valuable work. You say this is “fun” and I think if that’s the case you need to be more flexible and if it’s not for fun you need to be more professional.

  • Loran Polder {MODERATOR}

    I am really sorry you felt I was being patronizing and unprofessional, Michael. That was not my intention. It genuinely makes me feel a little stressed to tell someone I cannot honor their request. I’m just a person that tries to makes this fun and doesn’t like telling people no. As far as allowing all bids to be canceled, I am not aware of any auction that works that way, online or otherwise. Bids are usually binding.

  • Michael Craft

    Then you should allot all bids to be cancelled if it’s before the deadline. The sad face emoji is patronizing and unprofessional.

  • Loran Polder {MODERATOR}

    Hi Michael! I’m really sorry, bids are permanent once placed. It’s always been a rule in the auctions and it wouldn’t be fair to other bidders to allow some bids to be canceled and not others :(

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