choosing a wood type for your kitchen utensils - thoughts on maple...

March 02, 2015

I'm the kind of person who loves to break out of the mold and take the less traveled path. If something is just accepted as "the best", I look for alternatives that may be just as good or better. It's just something in me. I like the words unique, unusual and original.

Maple Wood Kitchen Utensil Set

But when it comes to wood types and kitchen utensils, there is a reason that Maple has always been really popular. After making and using handcrafted kitchen utensils and wooden spoons for many years, those Maple wood utensils in our kitchen aren't endearing themselves to my heart any less ;-)

Handmade Maple Wood Spoon

First of all, Maple just feels amazing in your hand. It's smooth. It's hard. It's glossy. It's also heavy compared to other wood types. Not heavy like concrete, it just feels good. You can feel the quality. 

Maple Wood Spurtle

Maple wood seasons really fast, and really well. It seals up and almost feels like it has a waxy coating. That might sound negative to some, but trust me, it's not. It means that the utensil feels so smooth! It means that once it seasons, you don't have to worry about cringing when your utensil becomes wet {anyone else get that chalk-on-chalboard feeling when you touch raw, wet wood?}. Yep. Me too. I don't like it at all.  

Maple Wood Measuring Cups

Maple is one of the sturdiest wood types out there. It is dense and has a really closed grain (unlike Oak, which has an open grain), which makes it resistant to splitting and cracking.

Maple Wood Sauce Spoon

And have I mentioned how much variation Maple has? Out of all the wood types we offer, Maple has to be the craziest wood type in this respect. We've had Maple utensils that were almost white, with very little visible grain. We've had Maple utensils that were deep reddish gold, with striking black veins. We've had orange hued, tiger striped Maple and bronze colored burl Maple. It really might come out looking just about any color or grain type. So if you order a Maple utensil, be prepared for it to look different than the piece of dreamware you saw in the stock photo. Maple just won't be defined as a certain color. 

Maple Wood Spoon

If someone asked me what my favorite wood type would be, and I was forced to narrow it down to only one choice {we're being hypothetical here, I would never allow someone to force me to be so narrow-minded ;-)} I would have to fall back on Maple. It's a "one type pleases all" kind of wood. You just know that it won't ever let you down. I've held the dreamiest pieces of Persimmon, the most striking pieces of Black Walnut, and the most unusual pieces of American Beech... and on that day, I just might have chosen those pieces over Maple based on the characteristics of that specific piece of wood. But overall, Maple is dependable. You can count on it to always be a great choice. 

I hope that this series on choosing a wood type for your kitchen utensils is proving helpful to you!

Until next time,

Loran, for the rest of the Polder Family

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