Hand Carved Heart Spoons

A couple years ago we made some special heart shaped spoons for Valentine's Day and they were an enormous hit! Since then we have brought them back several times but have never permanently added them to the shop. I think they are just so much fun to make one-of-a-kind and unique each time.

We have been batting around the idea of making more one-of-a-kind pieces to keep in stock here on the website lately. They would be individually photographed and you would buy exactly the item in the picture. We could ship them much more quickly than our made-to-order items (I think my grammar is suspect there). 

We make them all sizes and styles... from mini spoon size up to cooking and serving spoon size. If you are interesting in having us carve one or more for you, let us know! They make excellent, unique gifts for special people in your life. I love them best in Fancy Maple, but they are beautiful in any wood type!

Send us an email at hello@poldersoldworldmarket.com if you are interested in making a special order for these beautiful heirloom heart spoons, or any other special project you might have in mind. We love to hear from you.

Warmly, Loran {for the rest of the Polder Family}


  • Carolyn Hall

    Hi l just find you on a Instagram l love you stuff l want it all .. l would like the know about your heart spoons size and price… Thank you!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  • Debra Negrete

    Yes very interested in the heart shaped spoons.

  • Deborah Plapp

    I want to order one of these heart-shaped spoons if I can use the 40% off offer. Can it be used for this piece? I don’t remember the price of this spoon, so that would be good to know too. Hope to hear from you within the two-hour cut-off.
    Thanks, Deb

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