We are so thrilled, excited and relieved to tell you guys that...


Like, we paid cash for it and it is ours. Words cannot express our gratefulness to God and all of you for helping us get here, because we absolutely couldn't have possibly done it without all of you. You've encouraged us, prayed for us, supported our business... you've lifted us up and cheered us on. You've placed so many amazing orders and then you've been patient and lovely when we've gotten behind schedule in the wood shop trying to make all the pieces you've bought! Its just beyond words, truly.

Most of you probably don't know that almost 10 years ago we lost the home we lived in for almost 20 years as a result of a financial crisis. This was the home most of us kids grew up in (if you've followed us for long you probably know that Rebekah and I are daughters in the family, neither of us are the mom). We decided to use the seeming tragedy to uproot and move from Florida to the mountains. We arrived in Tennessee with three $20 bills and lots of dreams, creativity and determination. True story. Since then, we've leased the homes we've lived in and worked hard at growing our business (before moving to the mountains, Dad was a plant manager of a railcar corporation). We've had some super scary ups and downs. 

Leasing has been a huge challenge for us, because of the size of our family. Very few people want to lease to a 14 person household. We never would have dreamed even 6 months ago that we could have paid cash for a house anytime soon. It just wasn't even feasible. This is nothing short of a miracle for us. One of many that God has graciously worked in our lives and circumstances. 

The house we just bought has some challenges. It is extremely small for us, and we will have to put most of our furniture in storage until we are able to build on a significant addition. It is on 2 acres, so it isn't a farm, though it is in a very rural area. It has a VERY small wood-shop area, and we need to run electric to make it possible to run our equipment. It is also on a road... not a highway, but still has some traffic, and we need to build a fence immediately (for Levi's safety) which will be very expensive since lumber is prohibitively costly right now. There is hardly no kitchen, and only 1 full bathroom (majorly challenging for 14 people). The home is solid as a rock and very adorable... it is a white farmhouse like we've dreamed of (just a lot smaller than we dreamed of!) and we are going to make it gorgeous. It is NOT a massive renovation project like the other home we were considering that we backed out of purchasing. It is in great condition, we just need some special accommodations for our huge family and our business. The 2 acres are beautiful and we have so many ideas for how to make the best use of the house and land surrounding it. We are a creative family and a solid team. We are excited about this new chapter. 

SO, we are currently juggling getting the house move-in ready AND getting caught up on orders as we move into the holiday rush season. We will be running an Instagram auction this weekend and probably next weekend too, to help clear out the stock of gorgeous autumn goods we have on our shelves and also to generate some funds for the major projects we are trying to tackle (electric, putting in a basic kitchen, fencing, etc). We are so grateful for the support you've all shown us in the past and we hope that you'll check out the beautiful items we'll be offering in our continued fundraising events! Thank you all SO much for being a part of our journey! We will be sharing lots more with you as we go... 

Love, Loran {for the rest of the Polder Family} 


  • Mike Dixon

    Great to see a family united in God, working together and that the work of their hands is blessed.Certainly encouraging my family to press on. We are a family of six with one bathroom and that is definitely challenging at urgent times.

  • Tisha Sheldon

    Congratulations! I’m so glad you found a place! God is SO good! Tisha, oak hill studio

  • Nancy Jane Magnusson

    So happy for all of you!!! Hope the winter is mild and challenges few!

  • chacal

    Congratulations! to you all. I’m very happy you have found a new place, even with its immediate challenges. But you all are young and have many hands to make it work! Best wishes to you and may you all remain safe and healthy.
    Be well.

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