It's Time to Line Your Shelves with Sparkling Jars of Goodness!

Are you the type that loves warm and sunny or wet and cloudy weather? I'm so glad the summer weather has finally arrived, because that means that berry season is here in full force!

Our Virginia farm is abundant with wild blackberries, raspberries, dewberries, and mulberries! My favorite way to enjoy them is picked and eaten fresh. There's something so enchanting about picking warm berries in the woods and enjoying them right then and there. I wish berry season dragged out a little longer than it does. :-(

Over the next few weeks our basement shelves will begin to fill up with sparkling jars of beautiful jams and jellies. Canning season is a lot of work, but worth the beautiful reward.

Now that the wild and cultivated raspberries are all finished up, we have to pick all of the blackberries possible to that we can make our favorite mixed berry jam! The raspberries are in the freezer until we have enough blackberries to make it happen. :-)


Besides jams and jellies, some of our favorite homestead canned goods are habanero pepper jelly (this is AMAZING, and I'll try to share the recipe this summer!), hot chow chow, onion relish, hot sauce, peach pie filling, pickles, salsa, and tomato sauce.

What are the canning projects you work on each summer? I'd love to hear about some of your favorite recipes!

Have a beautiful canning season, friends!


Rebekah {for the rest of the Polder Family}

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