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Perfect Gift for Cooks - Spearmint Hand Cream

Perfect Gift for Cooks - Spearmint Hand Cream

We are super excited about this brand new product we've been working on for quite a while! A luscious, deeply moisturizing hand cream, especially for cooks who constantly have their hands in and out of hot dishwater. You guys... it is SO good.

It is handcrafted, 100% natural, and it really does the job. You know how so many lotions rinse off when you wash your hands, and you always need to put on more? Not this lovely cream! It puts a non-greasy, moisturizing layer on the skin and it lasts and lasts.

It is truly perfect. We have several bottles throughout our home, and we use it daily. And not just on our hands either... it is wonderful for any dry skin that needs extra love. Especially this time of the year, skin care is really important. It's the perfect little gift that keeps giving for a long time! And who doesn't love a useful gift?

We have a limited supply for this first launch, so don't wait to snag a few bottles for yourself and for gifts. You will love it!

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