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Spoon Butter

Spoon Butter

So, what do you do when your dreamware needs some extra love and care? No matter how gently you treat your wooden spoons, they are going to get dry and rough at some point, because they are made from a natural substance- wood.

We do not use any unnatural finishes, so your dreamware will need to be moisturized every once in a while to keep it in the best possible condition. We developed our own signature beeswax cream to seal our hand carved kitchen utensils once they are rubbed to a silky smooth finish. Now we sell the same cream in beautiful little tins so that you can continue using the same product to maintain the finish on your dreamware!

Each tin comes in a pretty muslin bag stamped with our logo, and includes an organic cotton cloth so you can buff your pieces after rubbing them down with the Spoon Butter. Applying Spoon Butter to dreamware is very relaxing and therapeutic, and since our cream is 100% natural and healthy (no carcinogenic mineral oil!), it is excellent for your skin too.

We recommend rubbing your utensils down every several uses/washes. Make sure the wood is not damp at all before applying Spoon Butter, and do not apply too frequently. Just use it when the wood looks and feels a little thirsty. You will love how it brings the color out again and restores the luster of the finish.


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