Spring Revealed Something Special on the Farm

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Feeling the weather change from cool and brisk to warm and toasty. The water warms up, the dirt becomes crumbly, and the hills and fields come alive with new life everywhere you look.

White Flowers Blooming on Wild Plum Tree

 As we come closer and closer to finding our new farm we have enjoyed every last minute here at Stonewall Spring Farm. We all felt a little disappointed with not having a garden started by now.. but realized a wonderful surprise a couple days ago!

Lemon Balm

 Last year's garden has brought back a lot of beautiful plants! The potatoes, strawberries, and herbs are busting out everywhere. Look how beautiful!

Strawberry Bloom

 We will dig up bring all of these wonderful little blessings with us to our new farm. We won't be set back like we first thought. God stowed away little blessings to give to us at a time that we felt disappointed, and behind. We're not at all. That's pretty awesome!

Potato Sprouts

What do you have springing up in your garden? Even if it's a kitchen window garden, patio or roof top garden!  

Happy spring time, friends. :-)

Rebekah {for the rest of the Polder Family} 

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