RTS Large Curved Spatula, Cherry

RTS Large Curved Spatula, Cherry

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This listing is for one (1) ready to ship Large Curved Spatula in Cherry. You will receive the exact item pictured. 


The largest and most elegant wooden spatula that we offer, this artisan kitchen utensil has been designed with ease of use and balance in mind. The handle is curved in just the right place to make maneuvering in tight spots a breeze, and the blade is curved upward to make getting underneath and turning one effortless movement. The home chef will find this attractive cooking spatula a must-have in their kitchen, but will soon learn that it is great in the dining room as well. Use it for everything from browning stew meat to turning steaks at the grill, from flipping steaming blueberry pancakes to serving your famous lasagna. Approx. 17”L.

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