RTS Assorted Basic Spreaders
RTS Assorted Basic Spreaders

RTS Assorted Basic Spreaders

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This listing is for an assortment of Basic Spreaders in a Fancy Maple. The cost is for 1 (one) spreader. Please choose from the available options. You will receive the exact item of your choice. 


Don't let the word "basic" fool you... these elegant little utensils are indispensable! Much like a wooden butter knife (but only better), these knives are perfect for spreading sparkling fruit jams, fresh butter, soft cheeses, dips and spreads, condiments and more.

Handmade by our family from solid hardwood, each one feels lovely in the hand with its ergonomic shape and silky smooth surface. We know from experience that you'll want three or four of these in your kitchen! 

Approx. 8" long.