Breadmaker's Companion Wood Spoon
Breadmaker's Companion Wood Spoon

Breadmaker's Companion Wood Spoon

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An extremely strong wooden spoon, you won’t find a sturdier kitchen utensil for cooking and baking anywhere. This wooden spoon is especially well-suited for stirring stiff cookie or artisan bread dough. The Breadmaker's Companion has a nice, flat surface so that your dough doesn’t get stuck inside the bowl, like a traditional wooden spoon, and a long, sturdy handle that won’t get lost in a tall stock pot when making soups and stews. 

Approx. 15”L. Signed and dated by maker.

Please choose from the wood types shown in the last picture. Please be aware that wood is a natural substance that has a great deal of variation. Wood color and grain varies from piece to piece, making every utensil a beautiful, one of a kind work of art.

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