Gourmet Finishing Salts

Gourmet Finishing Salts

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Our new favorite way to put the finishing touch on our meals! These finishing salts are absolutely mouthwatering! Please choose your desired flavor from the drop down list before adding to cart- this is not a set.

White Truffle Finishing Salt- This finishing salt is a unique combination of Italian white Alba Truffle (rare and expensive) and Trapani sea salt that’ll add a soft buttery flavor to almost any dish. We LOVE this salt on fettuccine alfredo, macaroni and cheese, stuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and so much more! The burst of flavor it creates is incredible. INGREDIENTS • Sicilian Sea Salt, White Alba Truffle.

Habanero Finishing Salt- The Habanero pepper is known for it's sweet, fruity heat. It is a favorite pepper in our house! This finishing salt is amazing on meat, in guacamole, on seafood and more! Use with caution as a cooking or finishing salt. INGREDIENTS • Sea Salt, Habanero Peppers.

Crafted by HEPP'S Salt Co. in Hopkins, Minnesota, USA.