RTS Assorted Ultimate Cooking Spoons, Fancy Walnut

RTS Assorted Ultimate Cooking Spoons, Fancy Walnut

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This listing is for your choice of one (1) ready to ship Ultimate Cooking Spoon in Fancy Walnut. Please choose from Left (approx. 14" long) or Right (approx. 15.5" long). You will receive the exact item of your choice.


Stir up something incredible.

Truly the ultimate in wooden cooking utensils, this big wooden spoon is sturdy, attractive and just the right length for pairing with your large soup pot. The smooth, oval bowl is nice and deep and you’ll find that your mass produced wood kitchen utensils simply don’t compare to this handsome large spoon. Our signature handmade wooden spoons are unsurpassed in quality and beauty, and will bring a taste of the old world to your gourmet kitchen.

The Ultimate Cooking Spoon is inspired by fresh, raw ingredients, enormous copper kettles and savory herbs…by warm kitchens filled with enchanting fragrances.