RTS Classic Spurtle, Hickory, Left Handed

RTS Classic Spurtle, Hickory, Left Handed

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This listing is for one (1) ready to ship handcrafted Classic Spurtle for a LEFT HANDED cook, in Hickory. You will receive the exact item shown.


The Classic Spurtle is like a wooden spoon, spatula and paddle combined. Use this artisan kitchen utensil for mixing bread dough, stirring hollandaise sauce, or browning meat. The blade is perfectly angled to glide along the sides of a bowl, or the bottom of a sauce pan, and may be orientated for the right or left handed cook.

The spurtle is a traditional Scottish kitchen utensil that is used primarily for stirring porridge. Today it is becoming increasingly popular as one of the most versatile cooking utensils ever invented. Our spurtle designs are the finest available. 

Approx. 12.5”L. Signed and dated by maker.