Wooden Candle Snuffers

These elegant wooden candle snuffers are a beautiful and unique alternative to the metal snuffer more commonly available. They pair beautifully with our hand dipped beeswax candles, and we highly recommend buying a set of candles also to create a lovely gift set! These will arrive beautifully packaged and ready for gifting. They are made to order and are subject to processing times listed on our home page and policies page.

Please choose one of the 4 candle snuffers styles we have available. See images for letter references for each snuffer. If you have a wood type preference, please leave a note with your order letting us know what you'd prefer. If no wood type is specified, we will surprise you!

Please be aware that wood colors and grain patterns vary widely in wood and we do not guarantee a particular look or color- especially with Maple and Hickory. The other wood types we offer are more consistent in nature. Fancy Maple simply means figured wood, and will cost $50 extra (will be invoiced for separately). All other wood types are included in the price shown.

Note: These are tried and tested. The flame is extinguished so quickly that there is no issue with fire safety due to the snuffer being made of wood.


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