Hello Friends!

Thank you for coming to the FINAL DAY of our fundraising auction. We will be putting many beautiful items up for bid, including ready to ship dreamware, ready to ship gift sets, and made to order dreamware! We hope you find many things to love over the next couple days. There are a few things you need to know about the auction, so please read this post carefully! 

1. First of all, this is a special fundraising auction, and the proceeds from this event will go towards helping us develop our beautiful new farmland and business space! If you missed the news about the amazing opportunity we recently had to purchase the farm that wraps around our 2 acre lot, please take the time to read! You can click here to view the blog post where I wrote about it.  

We have many plans and aspirations for this new land (which is named Rooster's Chapel), including building an antique-inspired carving studio (we are currently making all of our dreamware in a tiny 19'x19' garage a few feet away from our farmhouse) with big windows and reclaimed wood floors as well as remodeling the little cottage into partly a new space for storing inventory & packing orders and partly extra living space and guest quarters (we are currently storing all inventory and packing all orders in an itty bitty sitting room IN our small farmhouse). These are more immediate goals we need to accomplish to make our business run more smoothly in the short term (and long into the future), but we also have long term goals like starting a small cut flower operation for mail order bouquets, starting a local farm stand, having a seasonal gift shop open to the public, as well as yearly events and open houses where you can come to see the farm and learn to carve a spoon! So many ideas! Your support of fundraising events like this makes it possible for ideas like this to become reality.

Fun fact: below is pictured some of the absolutely stunning wood that is now available to us for making dreamware! This particular wood is very close to being dry enough for us to use and will be available for orders of kitchen utensils soon, but the exciting thing is that with proper management we will probably never have a lack of wood like this again!


2. REALLY IMPORTANT! This is going to be a four day event, BUT items will close out each night, so items that are bid on today will be closed tonight and will not be available on the subsequent days. In other words, if you see something up for bid that you like/want, it will likely not be available the next day of the auction, so get your bids in on items you want! :)) 

3. We are offering 2 prizes for participants in the auction this week! Everyone who WINS a bid this week will be entered to win a $500 gift certificate to spend on made-to-order dreamware! Also, we have a beautiful gift set which will go to whoever WINS the most bids total over the entire four days of auction. In the event of a tie, we will use a random number generator to choose between the bidders who tied. Gift Set Prize for the winner of the most bids is shown below, and will ship with the winners other items. The set includes one of our popular glazed pottery Beehive Ornaments, a bar of luscious Sweet Orange Sheep's Milk Soap, one of our Offset Spatulas in Hickory, a beautiful blue plaid linen tea towel, and a bar of rich, artisan made Hazelnut Milk Chocolate!

4. Hopefully the auction is fairly self explanatory, but if you have any questions AT ALL, drop a comment here and ask away! I am on hand to help :) One thing I did want to mention is that if you're trying to win a particular item, it can be really helpful to frequently refresh the page so that you know when new bids have been posted (in the comments area). We are working on getting a commenting system that will allow you to receive a notification when you're outbid, but for tonight, you just have to keep your pages refreshed and stay on top of what the current high bid is. You can also email or text yourself the links to the items you are trying to win so you can easily check on them without sorting through items you are not interested in. 

Thank you for being a part of this event and for playing a very important role in keeping Artisan, family run industries like ours alive! ENJOY the auction!

xx, Loran


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