"...I’ve long been tempted to replace my sterling silver gravy ladle with a wooden one. I’d want the graceful handmade wooden ladle from Old World Kitchen." -The New York Times (November 16, 2015) 




 Our Italian Villa Spoon in Osage Orange was featured in Saveur issue #178.



"Each piece (called Dreamware) is so beautifully handcrafted by a wonderful family who creates high quality housewares and gifts on their farm in Tennessee. The wood has incredible texture and tones (I mix and match woods because I love that eclectic collected look) and the shape and smoothness of each is delightful. I am grateful that this company built a family business around creating such beautiful little works of art that bring me and many others joy every day. I’m inspired that they do something so special and meaningful together as a family!"

-Melissa Michaels, author of the NY Times Best Seller Love the Home You Have and blogger at The Inspired Room (voted the Reader’s Favorite Decorating Blogger at Better Homes & Gardens magazine)




The Coastal Table Magazine, Winter Issue 2015