The Inspiration Behind our Brand

Summer Canning Spoon in an Old World kitchen.

Old World Kitchen is inspired by crisp linen napkins and low light glinting off of copper pots and hardwood cutting boards etched by fine the fresh, raw ingredients and exotic spices that make up true gourmet cuisine. Old World Kitchen is an American establishment inspired by European tradition. 

 We love creating something by hand. You won't find any computer operated machinery in our shop, but rather a row of fine Swiss-made utensils and piles of little, irregular squares of worn out sandpaper. We believe in the old arts. We believe in true, personality inspired design. We believe in family owned and operated. We believe in made in the USA. And we believe that the result is something with an enduring elegance, quality and inspiration not found elsewhere. We are crafters of fine wooden kitchenware- dreamware, we call it. If you would have told us 15 years ago that we would one day be spending our hours carving gourmet kitchen utensils, we wouldn't have believed you, but now we can't imagine doing anything different.

We are dedicated to offering the finest artisan and gourmet kitchenware available anywhere in the world. Each piece is traditionally crafted from the finest hardwoods- almost exclusively locally sourced, fallen trees. We know just what the home chef needs and wants, and we deliver it in an unforgettable way. 

 We love sharing a bit of our life with you through the beautiful items we create for you. We love answering your questions, hearing your advice, getting to know you on instagram. We are so delighted to have the opportunity to share a common interest with you...the love of handcrafted quality and beautiful kitchen utensils.

 From our workbench to your table, it is our desire to create and deliver the kitchenware of your dreams and change the way you feel about your utensils, one piece at a time.


About the image: A wooden spoon hand carved by our family rests on the counter, mid baking process, in a beautiful Old World kitchen belonging to Eva Kosmas Flores of Adventures in Cooking.