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Kitchen Wedge | Wooden Pot Scrubber

Kitchen Wedge | Wooden Pot Scrubber

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Our signature kitchen wedge is an elegant and fascinating addition to your fine kitchenware. A functional but still display-quality chef’s tool, its sleek and smooth design has a natural ergonomic feel and is a comfort to use. It will be quite kind to your fine cookware, and may be used in virtually any pot or pan. You’ll find our kitchen wedge to be a breeze to use for effortlessly cleaning up hard, cooked-on food with the strong chisel edge. It easily outworks any plastic pot scraper on the market, and won't be an unsightly tool on your countertop or sink. Signed and dated by the maker. Approx. 6.5"

{*Disclaimer: Our wood kitchen wedge may be safely used on virtually any pot or pan, and will be much kinder to non-stick surfaces than a metal utensil, but please use your own best judgment when using in cookware with special surfaces, such as non-stick coatings. We will not be held responsible for damaged cookware.}

Please choose from the wood types shown in the last picture. Please be aware that wood is a natural substance that has a great deal of variation. Wood color and grain varies from piece to piece, making every utensil a beautiful, one of a kind work of art. 

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