Three Piece Scottish Spurtle Set
Scottish Spurtle Collection | Set of Three

Scottish Spurtle Collection | Set of Three

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Bring a bit of Scottish history to your kitchen.

The Spurtle is a traditional Scottish utensil. The Scottish use their spurtle to flip oatcakes and stir porridge (the national food of Scotland), but you can use your spurtles in so many ways! These unique wood utensils are the new rage but it is diffcult to find solid wood spurtles like ours. Use them to saute, stir fry and turn steaks. Flip fried eggs with ease, mix fresh blueberry pancakes and even stir your cold summer beverages. This addition to your fine utensil collection won't disappoint.

This fine kitchen utensil gift set includes our three most popular wooden spurtles: The Original Spurtle 10.5"L, the Turned Scottish Spurtle 12"L and our Mary Spurtle 9.5"L. 

Each piece signed and dated by maker. 

Please choose from the wood types shown in the last picture. Please be aware that wood is a natural substance that has a great deal of variation. Wood color and grain varies from piece to piece, making every utensil a beautiful, one of a kind work of art. 

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