Organic Cotton Paperless Towels

We've been using these amazing paperless towels in our own home for years, and we're delighted to finally be making them available to you. A wonderful, eco friendly alternative to paper towels, you can use these sturdy little towels for drying hands, cleaning up spills- just about anything. Once you try them, you'll wonder why you waited so long. 

The organic birdseye cotton is extremely absorbent and durable. With the professionally serged edges, you can expect these amazing little cloths to last for a very long time. No special care required, you can throw them right in the washer with any load of laundry. They take up very little space and will only get softer and more incredible with use. 

Standard Size: 12" x 13" (set of 12)

Large Size: 16" x 16" (set of 8)

Materials: 100% Organic Birdseye Cotton (sourced from a certified Fair Trade factory)

These paperless towels were made exclusively for Old World Kitchen by: Gina's Soft Cloth Shop

Binding Color
Mossy Beige
Soft Teal

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