RTS Stock Pot Companion Spoon, Assorted Woods

RTS Stock Pot Companion Spoon, Assorted Woods

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Stir up some warmth and comfort. Designed especially for the home chef who can never find a long enough wooden spoon, this beautiful kitchen utensil is the perfect match for that really big stock pot in your kitchen that every other spoon gets lost in. Use it in the fall and winter when you are making warm and savory broths and soup stocks, or use it in summer when you are canning sparkling jellies and jams. It would make a perfect gift for a gourmet enthusiast, foodie or home chef.

Approx. 18” long. Handcrafted from a solid piece of hardwood, signed and dated by the maker and hand-rubbed to a silky smooth finish with our signature blend of olive oil and beeswax.